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Chung Hsin Water Tank has 38 years experience of making stainless steel tank and always take the lead in stainless steel (#304 & 316)  tank industry in Taiwan. Owing to we insist on high quality products and devoted ourselves to achieve customers satisfied, hence we gain much reputation in this field. In these 38 years, through our observation and marketing research, we gained the first patent (2002/10/11 Certificate No. 77530) for lockable and windproof water tanks lid. This invention is designed for Taiwan climates, since then, water tank lid  would not be blown down by typhoon. In 2003, we generated air vent to exhale chlorine to prevent rustiness of stainless steel and also pendant switch, (2003/6/21 Certificate No. 206959 ). In 2005, we created unique ball butt cover for stainless steel water tank to facilitate cleaning and draining (2005/5/1 Certificate No. 263386 ). For the credence, in the 921 Big Earth Quake Event, due to the demand of water tank was raising dramatically, many sellers raise the price, but we did not. Hence we gained lots commendation from purchasers and even local media and Consumers' Foundation. High quality, customer satisfaction, credence and reasonable price are the gold that we pursue. These years we greatly expand the market overseas. We have hydraulic press, that make us able exported our stainless steel (Inox 304 & 316) water tank covers, lids, caps, whole plant equipments and relative products to Korea, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Iraq, Ecuador, Egypt and Vietnam...etc.  We truly hope we could serve you in the nearest future.